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True leadership should focus on listening and understanding what are the strengths in a person and also their areas that require development.  That is where you become front and centre. 


My strength is in my observational understanding and in working with people to support them in their quest to become leaders


Whether you are already an established leader or you are looking to transition from a Management role into a Leadership role, I have the support for you


I am very fortunate to have worked with a number of influential leaders over the years, and the backbone has and will always be collaboration, which is the core of every successful team

People Talk

As Ken Blanchard told us, "Feedback is the breakfast of champions"  Have a read of what a few people have said about my work ....

Paul is a keen believer that leadership really does make the difference and he drives to see his people work together to achieve their ambitions
Drew Povey
Leadership Consultant
Paul consistently delivers at a senior level, he brings influence and change through his unique approach and is at his best when faced with a challenge!
Jonathan Smith
HP Indigo Manager
Paul's tenacity when faced with potentially insurmountable challenges is to be applauded. He always finds a way to make progress without ever losing sight.
Andy Smith
I have known Paul for a number of years now and always found him to be professional and committed in every task he undertakes. He is always looking to develop himself and those around him
Tony Hay
L&D Manager
I was particularly impressed by his drive for Continuous Professional Development and the ease with which he seemed able to remove even the most difficult barriers to make that happen.
Malcolm Hewitt
L&D Manager
Paul is a great guy with a strong presence, a natural leader with great insights, charm, diligence and determination. He was a joy to be around, stimulating, challenging and fun. I'm delighted that he is now part of my professional network
Carolyn Stenhouse
Speaker Master Coach

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